Formerly The Wave Seat Company, makers of the Wave Stool

Alexander Technique

Almost all of us develop habits of tensing different muscles more than we need to, as a response to daily stresses. This tension becomes so habitual that we are completely unaware of it, only of the aches and pains it causes.

Alexander Technique is a way of relearning how to do all ordinary everyday activities in a relaxed and comfortable way. It takes time and patient study to learn. Most people find they need to gradually change their attitude to their bodies. (For it to work you have to learn to care more about how you perform an action than about the end result. In a Zen like way the results improve when you just allow them to happen.)

Alexander Technique is not a therapy and does not treat symptoms. It is better as it lets you use yourself in ways that no longer cause those symptoms. A surprising number of different aches and pains gradually go away, and movement begins to feel lighter and easier and more fun. Back pain and RSI injuries are often greatly improved.

We cannot recommend it too highly.

For more information, including how to find teachers near you Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (UK)

This American site is probably the most comprehensive on the web Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

Also from Robert Rickover, his podcast interviews with experts on Alexander Technique topics

Our Environmental Policy

We have always tried to treat the environment with respect.

We never used much non sustainable timber, and stopped using it completely in the late 1980ís, long before we designed the wave stool. Our beech comes from Germany or Denmark and our supplier is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Unlike on other continents, European forests are increasing in size. We regularly try to find more local sources of timber of the right quality, to reduce mileage. We have not been able to so far but will continue try.

Our founder heats his home entirely with wood and cycles to work on most days.