posChair 1 is an ideal seat for computing and many other uses

(Although the pictures are still of wave stools)

The Wave Stool at a computer

At a computer or desk

Computers try to demand a lot of attention - so your body tends to get neglected and posture suffers.

The balance and subtle movement of the Wave Stool is a reminder to be aware of your body as well - you look after yourself better as a result.

Using the Wave Stool for dining

At meal times

When you are sitting upright your stomach and abdomen are no longer being squashed so you can enjoy and digest your food more comfortably.

It is easy to carry. Why not take it into the dining room?

Music making on the Wave Stool

Use it for music making

The Wave Stool gives you relaxed attentiveness and freedom of movement to let you play at your best

“I use it to play keyboard. Its wonderful! I wouldn't part with it!” Mrs B, Congleton


You can move into different positions, or reach things more easily, because the rockers allow your torso to move too.

Painting with the Wave Stool

Use it for art

At a table or easel you can rock forwards for detailed work, and back for an overview.


Reflexologists, masseurs, beauty therapists, even administers of chemotherapy have all benefited from the support and freedom of the Wave Stool.

Meditating on the Wave Stool


Being upright helps you stay attentive, but few of us westerners can sit comfortably on the floor for long.

Why meditate on how uncomfortable you feel, when you could use the Wave Stool instead?


This puts extra strain on your lumbar spine. At the same time hormones are softening your joints ready for the birth, making them more prone to distortion.

It is important to look after yourself, and an excellent opportunity to improve sitting habits before your joints return to normal.

Several midwives have also told us that relaxed upright sitting before and during labour helps get your baby into a good position for the birth.

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