Trialling posChair 1

To buy posChair 1 costs £320, including delivery, but we really want you to try it first.

The waiting list is currently about two weeks.

Why we encourage you to try it first

posChair 1 feels very different from almost any other seat you may have sat on.

We’ve been unable to predict who will or won’t take to it, or which rocker they’ll prefer, other than by them trying it first (and this after nearly 30 years specialising in ergonomic seats).

It seems to be a very personal choice. Many love it, but others don’t.

To date an average of 64% of those trying it wanted it enough to buy. The other 36% tend to be either considering it for later, feel it is a bit insecure, or that the ability to move is distracting. Most prefer a particular rocker, some have a strong preference. 5% more have chosen the active rather than the relaxed rocker.

Even if you know and love our wave stool we’d prefer you to try posChair 1 before buying. It’s livelier to sit on and some, but not all, wave stool users love it. It also appeals to some who don’t like the wave stool.

Seats are important, and worth choosing carefully.

We know the trial is less convenient, but think how much time you spend sitting. For most people, over the many years life of the seat, that’ll almost certainly be thousands of hours.

Is it worth spending a bit of time now making each of those hours as comfortable as possible?

Because of the good or bad effect seats can have on your spine, they are more important for your health than any other furniture (your back can be uncomfortable in bed, but unlikely to suffer lasting damage as there’s less weight on it).

This is the most economical way we can find for you to get exactly the seat you want, and has worked well over the last few years.

Every seat is used and appreciated, and we don’t have to charge for marks on any new seats that are returned.

No one is left with an unwanted seat, saving money, space, energy and natural resources.

How the trial works

You give us your details and book a trial.

Or: email requesting a trial, and we’ll ask for more details when a trial is becoming available. (We ask for card details only as surety for the trial stool. These are encrypted directly into Stripe, a modern and secure card processor giving your data a lot of protection.)

We put you on our waiting list, and email you when a trial is becoming available, you can still postpone or cancel at this point.

We send your contact details to someone who is giving the stool a try.

They agree a date with you and send you their stool with spare rocker.

If it arrives with the active rocker fitted, and you like it and feel stable you've no need to try the relaxed rocker. If the relaxed rocker is fitted do try the active rocker too - you may like it even more. You will need the most common size of pozidrive or Philips screwdriver, to swap and try the other rocker, and a roll of wide tape to repack the stool.

After you’ve had it about a week we'll send you details for the next person to try it.

You arrange a date that suits you both. Pack it in the original carton, book and pay for carriage to them. This should cost under ₤15 and take 10 - 15 mins. You'll need to be online and able to print a delivery label. (We’ll send the dimensions and the discount courier site we use, which can save up to £10)

Unfortunately it is more expensive to or from Northern Ireland or the highlands, and prohibitive to most islands.

If within a month you order posChair 1 it will be delivered free, and the carriage cost you’ve paid (up to £15) will be deducted from the price.

We're always happy to lend a trial stool to local people, or those visiting Keswick, but do email us first to make sure we’re in. Please don't drive long distances out of your way, using a carrier instead will generate much less CO2.

Book a Trial

Or: Email to request a trial

The 6 fabric colours on the next page are from Camira's Xtreme range, a top quality 100% recycled polyester crepe weave. It has an attractive texture and is very long lasting. It is spun and dyed in the UK, woven in Yorkshire, and certified to high environmental and health standards.