Our new seat is posChair 1, it has replaced our wave stool.

posChair 1 Front

It is circular and can rock in all directions. This gives it more balance and freedom of movement almost any other seat. The rocker engages your own balance, while the gently forward sloping seat helps you sit upright. This lets you sit easily in a relaxed but poised, alert posture, natural and unstressed for your back. (Many seats tip you backwards into a backrest.)

It feels relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Occasional gentle rocking sideways, or in small circles, can feel like a back massage, helping aching muscles to relax. Sitting on a gym ball is probably the closest feeling, except with a firm supportive seat that you can sit on all day (although you can't bounce on it).

We talk here about freedom of movement, but most users naturally sit with only imperceptible movement, most of the time. It's the knowing that you CAN move that feels so liberating.

posChair 1 works wonderfully for some, but not all people. It is a very personal choice, so we much prefer you to try before you buy. The next page - Trial - explains how. (When you buy the price, including delivery, is ₤320.)

What is it for?

posChair 1 in use

You can use it for all 'active' sitting, this includes most uses at a desk or table, especially computing.

Balancing is easy, we do it without even noticing when standing or walking. Balancing while sitting can soon become the same, but it does need you to want to remain alert. For relaxing when you are tired, watching TV, and perhaps for reading, most people will prefer a chair with a backrest. (If you have backpain so severe that it is hard to sit down at all, such as a recent slipped disc, it is worth trying at these times too, as our wave stool has helped people like you.)

Choice of Rockers

posChair 1 Side

We make posChair 1 with a 'Relaxed' or an 'Active' rocker. Both are included with a trial stool, and there’s really no other way of finding which you’ll prefer. They are turned from solid European beech, and are cleverly shaped so you can feel when you are approaching the limit of stability - they tell you how far you can safely rock.

The Relaxed rocker moves gently when you want to rock. The Active has a more curved underside and moves a bit further. It's even more invigorating than the relaxed, like the difference between a hybrid and a road bike. If you take naturally to this you may find the relaxed a bit dull and static by comparison. You may prefer it if you are quite sporty, perhaps a cyclist, skier or dancer, or you really don't like having to sit still (although it's easy to sit still when you want to).

Not infrequently people have found the active too much at first, but after a few days getting used to this new way of sitting on the relaxed, they end up preferring the active.

How easily it rocks depends on your floor. Freely on hard floors and less the deeper the carpet is.

What it isn't suitable for:

posChair 1 Underside

posChair 1 relies on your feet being in front of you and a foot or more apart for stability. Check you are comfortable like this. If you always tuck your feet under you it probably won't feel stable enough.

As your thighs slope slightly downwards a book or laptop may slip off. We recommend raising a book or tablet on cushions first, but this isn't secure enough for a laptop, unless you use a lap tray. It is fine if whatever you are using or reading is on a desk or table. (We also once had a complaint from a wave stool owner's cat that she could no longer nap on his lap!)

It is designed to be used at normal seat height, the gas lift adjusts to fit people from 4'8" to 6'8" tall (shorter or longer gas lifts are available). Using it too high for your leg length is not good for your back. Sit stand stools need a different shaped seat to support you while your legs slope down steeply.


The fabric is from Camira's Xtreme range, a top quality 100% recycled polyester crepe weave. It has an attractive texture and is very long lasting. It is spun and dyed in the UK, woven in Yorkshire, and certified to high environmental and health standards.

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