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Many but not all of these people would like posChair 1, and get similar, and in some cases more benefit from it.

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At home

“Thank you so much for my lovely Wave stool ! It arrived this morning and after 4 hours sitting on it I canít tell you how much I love it ! It is beautifully made, very impressed with the craft man ship and so is everyone I have shown it to. Keep up the lovely work! Many thanks and best regards” Elin Engdahl

“My Wave Stool arrived on Saturday, I think it was, but Iíve been waiting to email you until Iíd done a few days sitting. Itís FABULOUS. I love it and felt the benefit almost immediately. And I suggest you add Ďmeditatingí to your active sitting list Ė itís perfect for a quick 10 minutes here and there during the day. Thank you so much.” Joan Maynard, Orkney

“ Have bought one previously for my much beloved - it is so comfortable to use when working at the computer that i have decided to buy my own. I suffer with fibromyalgia and i can sit for longer with less pain on this stool.” Joy Secola

“Itís the most comfortable chair and Iíve tried many ergonomic chairs and found none that really suited me.” Ayaka Fujisaki

“Just to let you know my stool arrived bright and early this morning, in time for me to sit on it to have my breakfast; I love it, and it immediately feels incredibly comfortable. Next step is to persuade my manager to let me buy one for work...! Thank you very much for the beautiful stool and for your help arranging and organising a convenient delivery time.” Susie Lofts, London

“I have had a wave stool at home for over 5 years and LOVE it! this is one for my Pilates Studio so we can do our admin in comfort (and style!)” Christine Sundt, Pi Studios Chelsea

“I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the wave stool - and how much is a lot. I'm a writer and I spend most of my days sitting in front of my computer and now I don't have to worry about doing that. Its pain free and I don't have to worry about my (bad) back. Now if you could just come up with something to protect my eyes from the computer screen, that would be perfect. Yours very satisfied-ly ” Moray Hunter

“I don't often reply to companies but want to say thank you! What a difference the stool has made to my comfort whilst working and afterwards. I am a Secondary School Headteacher and work long hours at the computer at home - I would now like to order another stool for work. I shall get my finance manager to do this on Monday morning. Best wishes,” Catherine Brooker

“Thanks ever so much for being so helpful, the Wave Stool meets all my expectations. I love everything about it, its solid look, the colour, and last but not least I like its sitting comfort. Itís just what I need! I spend some time in front of the computer, and I also try to use my knitting machines and sewing machine whenever I get the chance, so I need to be comfortably seated. I also do a bit of yoga and pilates and so Iím aware of how I sit and Western chairs are awful for the body. ” Lillian Balsvik

“Thanx very much andrew, have been recommending them to everyone. Even my chiropractor thinks they are great and he doesnít get easily impressed! :)
regards” Iva Latty

“Utter ease! My body just feels so balanced and re-aligned and free to move.” Aidee Reid

Please ignore my last e-mail regarding my wave stool not turning up, as there is no need to go chasing it up. It arrived first thing this morning. I think the driver must have been running late yesterday and wanted to get home. So all's well that ends well and I am sitting on this very comfy stool as I type. It is fantastic and so comfortable, my back doesn't ache at all, I wish I'd bought one years ago. Have found you tend to move very differently when working on it, which is less tiring. Ruth E

“Quite the most comfortable thing in the house. I can move about so easily.” Muriel Hall

Mr KA White “I think its excellent or I wouldn't be ordering a second stool. I have an arthritic and a replacement hip, and a degenerative spine. I find standing up much easier from the wave stool. I use it for playing bridge among other things. I'm going to use the next one for the computer.” Mr K.A. White

“Working from home I spend quite a lot of time in front of my computer, and I find the stool so comfortable, yet keeping me fresh and alert.” Gill Hiley

“I’m enjoying my chair v. much. It is so comfortable and I feel my back has improved.” Barbara Rowlands

“…a huge improvement on conventional chairs. It is good to sit on something which works with you instead of against you.” Wendy J. Castine

“I’m absolutely thrilled with it, I sit on it as I write.” Carol Sharp, Photograher

Stuart Armstrong “It makes me think about how I’m sitting, especially when I’m working. When my sciatica is bad I also tend to sit on my wave stool. It definitely helps me recover quicker than an easy chair does. ” Stuart Armstrong

“Keep up the great work, the stool is an invaluable aid to helping people improve and maintain better posture when seated. After using it religiously every day for the past nearly two years, I can safely say that it has surpassed all expectations. Like all good things, I rely on it so much that when I am in a situation where I have to use ‘normal’ chairs, I can feel the tension creeping up my back and neck within the first 10 minutes or so. My partner has tried out the new one, and thinks it is perfect! He has slightly shorter legs than I, so the medium height will work wonders for him. It is also going to be used as an educational tool for my partner's son, who spends a lot of time hunched and slumped in front of a computer! ” Teresa Hailey

“I use it at a PC, for writing longhand, and for playing guitar…its even better than I expected – possibly the most comfortable seat I’ve ever sat on.” Wendy Kinder

“I just wanted to say many thanks for my wave seat, which arrived as promised today. Its wonderful! I'm so impressed with your design and craftsmanship, and also the efficiency of your company. I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends. I wish you much success.” Joanna Hutchison

“…nearly two years ago I purchased one of your Wave Stools, and I have been meaning to write to you ever since. Presumably , however, you will be pleased also to receive a letter from a customer who is still satisfied after all that time. I have found the claims you make for your stool fully justified, it is not often that one can say that. My one disappointment was to discover that for the underside of the seat you have used some artificial composite wood (I believe it is called MDF).” Mr J Thomas

“Its an extraordinarily comfortable seat, I use it for hours at the computer or watching TV.” Mrs Pearson

“ Stool safely received exactly as promised. How nice to find it so sensibly packed, easy to unwrap and no real disposal problems, endless polystyrene bits, or mess, much appreciated…and the box just right for helping to keep books for the Fete Bookstall this year !! As for the Stool itself of course, we are well pleased, very nicely made and finished, good quality covering, an absolute delight and pleasing in its own right. We tried it instantly in front of our Computer,me for Concertina playing too…just the ticket. We are ‘Alexander’ fans anyway so the principles are not new, so comfortable. Wonderful, thank you very much indeed. All Best Regards ” Robin Tims

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In the office

“ Hi, I'd just like to say that I am finding the stool extremely enjoyable. After a few weeks of use at work my lower back pain has almost gone, I have identified and am now managing a form of osteoarthritis (hallax limitis) in my foot and have found my posture, concentration and typing have all improved. I'd recommend it to anyone! Many thanks Robbie Bow, Systems Developer, Cambridge

“I’ve been meaning to write to you for months to let you know how much I love my Wave Stool. Its been great for my posture and back. I know it gets borrowed whenever I’m out of the office.” Sally Campbell

“Extraordinarily easy to work at. Ability to rock most effective and delightful. At a working office desk it is most effective.” Prof. Bryan Niblett

“Within a few days I could feel it relaxing my lower back muscles... Now I wouldn’t dream of using any other working seat.” Howard Bamforth, Educational Advisor

“The Wave Stool is completely different from any other seat I have tried. Being tall I tend to slouch at desks, as they are usually too low for me. However, when I sat on the Wave Stool I immediately found I was sitting up straight without even thinking about it. The clever rocking motion tilts your pelvis forward encouraging you to sit straighter naturally. By sitting in a more natural position at my desk I've found I suffer from far fewer aches and pains in both my back and shoulders, enabling me to be far more productive at work. Like all the best ideas the Wave Stool is a simple one, yet highly effective and I would strongly recommend anyone to try it and feel the difference it can make.” Linda Buttle

“I hesitated two years before buying a wave stool, and eventually ended up with a bad back. Its instant relief – revolutionary… I’ve equipped some of my managers, they’re walking round with smiles, and working more effectively.” Mike McMullan, Businessman

“The sitting position is ideal for working with a computer.” Tina Bland, Administration Assistant

“The very instant you sit on the Wave Stool you sit differently... the stool encourages you to re-learn how to sit correctly. The forward rocking movement greatly assists standing, reducing strain on your knees and back.” Niki Harris, Editor

“The stool has arrived and I love it! I have wanted something for years. I tried the one where you rest your knees and found it agony after a short while. This is great, and has the advantage of being small enough to pop under the desk when not in use, which gives the illusion that my office is tidyish! Many thanks” Annabel Brown

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Back Pain

“I've had my wave stool for over six months now and thought I would write to say thanks for such a great product. I bought it when I was having real trouble with my back and it has been marvellous help. I can now spend time at the computer without paying for it in lower back pain. I was also very pleased with the personal customer service and advice you gave during the purchase. Of course, I've recommended the product to all my friends. Again, thanks, ” Professor W J S Lockley BSc PhD CSci CChem FRSC

“I purchased my wave seat in October, and have been very impressed! After 18 years of back problems, it is rare that I can sit in any seat for any length of time. I love my wave seat though, as I can sit for a long time and feel very comfortable. I have recommended you to my Chiropractor, and anyone who will listen! THANK YOU!!” Sharon Bird

“Dear Andrew,
Many thanks for the lovely stool and booster which has just arrived. It's very comfortable indeed. I am sitting on it as I write and am already feeling the benefits. The old office chair will be taken to the recycling centre (where it belongs!) first thing tomorrow. Everyone in the house is now fighting to get onto the stool so you may well see another order from us soon!
I have a deformity of the spine which means that I used to suffer from constant pain and would sometimes be unable to move at all. But since I started learning both the Alexander Technique and the Shaw Method the pain and the episodes of immobility have stopped altogether! This has been the case for well over a year now. I think that the Wave stool will help me to stay well, especially in the area where I am most likely to get injured - working at my computer!
I will certainly be recommending the stool very highly to friends and family!
Very best wishes,” Tehmina Bowman

“I suffered a bad prolapsed disc last year, and it is the only seat I can sit on.” S.K.

Mr EG Shore “I get sciatica type pains especially when using my ride on mower. They quickly disappear when I sit on the wave stool.” Mr E.G. Shore

“My wife has just had major spinal surgery for a slipped disc that almost filled the X-ray. She was able to sit on her wave stool right up to the day before the operation, and use it again a week afterwards. She says ‘its the best thing in the house’ - she used to reserve this praise for the dishwasher!” H.W.

“ I would just like to say a huge thanks to you for this fantastic product and it really works. I really messed up my back with prolapsed discs and degenerative vertebrae. My back went into terrible spasm every time I spent any time in the sitting position. I have spent years as in a very physical job as a lifting equipment test and service engineer lifting big weights every day and some days all day this included steel girders testing weights hoists heavy chains etc. I changed jobs a few years back and over a few years have found myself getting promoted to more office based jobs and ones that required me to sit for longer periods. My current job can see me sat at a pc for huge amounts of time often most of the twelve hour shifts I work. My prolapsed discs and back problems started just after starting this new position and I honestly believe if it was not for this wave seat I would be out of my current job well before now. It really is that good I have bought two one for work and one for home. The only comment I would make is that I would love to find some way of cushioning the stool more and relieving some pressure from my coccyx. This is no reflection on the chair more a reflection at the amount of time I am sitting. I can not endorse this product enough. ” Paul Tizzard

(Many of the other testimonials also mention backpain)

Music Making

“I've just finished playing chamber music with some friends and there was a grab for the Wave Seat - so I ended up on an ordinary stool. You will be getting more orders very shortly I think!
I just read all you recommendations from musicians - and I thought you'd like to know there are more out there using the seat - and the word will spread how good it is for the likes of us. I've had mine for a good five years and wouldn't be without it. I'm a painter as well and it's just as good for that.”Anice Paterson, violinist, Kendal

“I use it for teaching guitar, its great.”Kate Mallatratt

“After seven years use I still think its absolutely fantastic!”Dr Toni Bunnell, University Lecturer & Musician

“I sat on it for five hours yesterday teaching bassoon at the Royal College of Music, and came out feeling absolutely marvellous. Iíd like to buy a stool please.” Sarah Burnett

“…we both play the accordion and we use the stools when we are playing at home. (The instruments weigh about 2 stone!) The stools are really good for this purpose and we are very pleased with the purchase.” Anne Thomson

“…super for the piano.” Dorothy Lumb

“As a musician one sits a great deal, and it is very easy to get stuck in one position. This chair is wonderful for giving freedom of movement for the back. The rocker design allows the feet to be placed naturally. Brilliant - everybody should have one!” Steve Rowlinson, Violinist, LSO

“…It mirrored everything that I learned in my Alexander lessons. Here is a chair which treats the user as an intelligent being, and which allows the body to adopt a position of freedom and control unattainable, as far as I am aware, in any other chair. I recommend the ‘Wave Stool’ to all musicians who wish to prevent or ease chronic muscular problems which are work related.” Carolyn Sparey–Gilles, principal viola, BBC SSO (in 1997)

“Conducting can produce many stresses and strains. Physically the back and shoulders are at the front line. Being able to study music in comfort is therefore absolutely essential! The Wave Stool is not simply comfortable but encourages a sloucher like me to sit with a reasonably straight back and an improved posture.” Martyn Brabbins, associate principal conductor, BBC SSO

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Craft work

“I had back and shoulder problems on and off, ever since I started making jewellery but since I got my wave stool I have been absolutely pain free. I sit on it all day long. It is worth every penny.” Gwynneth Taylor, Big Blue Daisy

“I use it for making jewellery, but find I’m sitting on it for almost everything.” Belinda Huby

For Therapists

“I bought one of your seats at the back show recently and think it is superb. I need some more leaflets etc to give to patients, so can you send some please.” Ross Valentine, Osteopath

“What a wonderful experience. Its just what I’ve been looking for... Thank you for a lovely piece of craftsmanship that is so comfortable and functional.” Terry Krasinska, Senior Physiotherapist

“The stool is great. Thank you very much. Admired by patients too.” Deirdre Stubbs, Osteopath

“ Having had the Wave Stool for four months I thought this was a good moment to tell you how I find it. I always enjoyed sitting on it, but it took me a while to get used to it, partly I suspect because I was used to sitting badly. Now I am happy to report that I sit up to eight hours a day on the wave stool doing reflexology, and still feel comfortable at the end. I used to get all sorts of aches in my left leg but these have completely disappeared. Although I work from different angles it is no problem to lift the stool across, and I get pleasure from just looking at it. I shall recommend the stool to other reflexologists.” Richard Evans BA, Med, MIIR, MAR. Reflexologist

“I have been waiting for this seat for twelve years! It gives me all the support and freedom that I need. After working continuously for eight hours I was completely free from backache.” Gerry Pyves, Massage Therapist

“The first time I sat on it all day I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt, in my back and shoulders especially.” Anne Grey, Homeopath & Healer

“I’m sitting on your Wave Stool as I write this. I love it ! Its made a big difference to my life.” Susan Lever, Sound Healer

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Alexander Technique teaching

“I work in the NHS with people with post operative or chronic pain. They are often restricted by fear of movement. The wave stool helps to develop their confidence in moving freely. It is a big help in teaching when they find out how gently it rocks them onto their feet.” Karen French, Alexander Teacher

“Very useful for teaching (Alexander Technique), I use it all the time.” Nikki Creek, Alexander Teacher

“Its the first stool that I’ve been able to sit on for a whole day at a piano without getting back pain” James Boyd, Alexander and Singing Teacher

“Its the best seat I’ve sat on.” Mike Rawlinson, Alexander Teacher

“I wouldn’t be without it in my teaching practice, I can’t praise it enough!” Pamela Steinberg, Alexander Teacher

“Pupils love the stool, it supports their good use and is a tremendous encouragement... it keeps them lively and helps point their thoughts in the right direction.” Patricia Lassalle, Alexander Teacher

“I found my students’ sense of direction instantly improved on the stool, and they were able to maintain it much longer afterwards in a normal chair.” Anja Dashwood, Alexander Teacher

“It is very easy to let your body collapse while doing so much sitting, and you may not realise your spine is becoming distorted until it becomes painful. In the Alexander Technique we look at how we can ensure our head and neck and back function and support us appropriately, whatever we are doing. When we use our structure well, we can maintain healthy function. What the design of this stool does so elegantly and comfortably is to encourage such use of our own support system, that is, our spine. When sitting you can use the possible movement through to the rockers as a stimulus against collapse, keeping alive that sense of gently balancing support. And when you shift your balance in order to get up off the stool you will find the stool’s design helps and supports this movement.” Wendy Bonington, Alexander Teacher

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