Welcome to posChair

We make posChair 1 – a new and different way to sit for desk work and ‘active sitting’. Rather than prop you up, it cares for your back by making healthy sitting an easy and comfortable choice.
Inspired by Alexander Technique, it helps you put your body back in control of sitting with a natural poise and unstressed spine. Our patented rocker design lets you sit still, but with freedom to move in any direction.
It’s simply a wonderful feeling.

posChair 1

Why it is different and better, how it works and feels, and what you can use it for.


Why we want you to know exactly what it’ll feel like at your desk before you buy.
How we organize this as easily as possible, and how to book it.

Back Pain

Why many modern work chairs can cause backpain without us realising.
We explain the mechanics and the evidence.

Healthy Sitting

More about how to sit to keep your spine healthy.
Why, even if you’ve never had back pain, changing the way you sit is probably the most important thing you can ever do to look after it.
posChair 1 encourages a healthy natural lower back posture.

For many years, as The Wave Seat Company, we made the popular Wave Stool. This is our new improved model from the same designer, now with height adjustment and even more freedom to move.
(Sorry, no wave stools left at all, do try this, you may like it even more.).