posChair 1 will give you these benefits - as well as a healthier back

(Although the pictures are still of wave stools)

A seat that can move

As well as helping you sit upright for a healthy back (as explained on the Sit Well page) the rocking of the seat makes fine adjustment for your height. The seat stays parallel to your thighs and doesn’t exert too much pressure at the front - a common cause of slumping. (be sure to read page 6 before choosing the right height for you).

You can easily sit still, or rock whenever you wish. The gentle rocking action is likely to help circulation in your legs and lessen any stiffening of knees and hips.

The Alexander Technique influence has resulted in a design with more choice of position and freedom of movement than almost any other seat

Standing up from Wave Stool

Stand up with ease

Rock forward onto your feet and stand in one flowing movement. The transfer of weight from seat to feet is smoother than on a fixed seat. It is also just that little bit kinder to your knees and hips.

Many Alexander Technique teachers love to use the Wave Stool in their teaching. They find it helps pupils discover how easy a movement this can become (and if they buy their own it reminds and helps them to put the teaching into practice).

Reaching forward from Wave Stool

Reach things easily

When you lean forward or back the Wave Stool moves with you.

“…leaning backwards and forwards …spinning the stool easily …using lots of pressure. All the things I used to groan at …my back now feels great, and my posture’s natural all the time.” John Langley, Ocarina Maker

Let your legs relax

The Wave Stool’s round seat encourages your legs to relax outwards a little - naturally (the corners of some seats can interfere with this).

Some of these benefits are quite subtle, but over long periods of sitting they do add up, and make a difference to how you feel.

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