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The way we sit in many work chairs is a hidden cause of back pain. We explain why, and show how you can keep your back healthy and comfortable, using the Wave Stool.

The ergonomic Wave Stool encourages a healthy natural lower back posture.
Is your chair putting your back at risk?
How sitting can often cause back pain
How can the Wave Stool help me?
Comfort and healthy posture - easily
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“I bought a stool for myself for work and I love it - hardly aware I'm sitting. So now one for my wife's birthday. ”Dr Dougal Jeffries, Scilly, GP

The Wave Stool is the new alternative to kneeling chairs, for a healthy back. Have the same healthy posture, without the knee and leg problems, or inconvenience. Inspired by Alexander Technique, it helps you sit upright in a natural relaxed way, and helps you use your own sense of balance, rather than propping you up with a backrest like most seats do. It is comfortable and invigorating with more freedom to move than most other seats.

Whether your back is healthy or painful, changing the way you sit is probably the most important thing you can ever do to look after it.