Trialling posChair 1

We want to save you money by selling direct, but we don't want you to be left with a seat if it isn't right for you.

posChair 1 has more balance and freedom of movement even than our wave stool. This is what 60% of the people who have tried it really love, but 40% do find it a bit insecure, or that the ability to move is distracting.

This is why we think you need to try it for your intended use for a few days, rather than briefly in a shop, before you buy. This is especially so as we are offering a choice of 2 different rockers with different amounts of movement. We realise this is less convenient, but when you think how many hours you will spend sitting, for years to come, it is worth getting your seat exactly right.

Sorry, we have a waiting list, currently about 6 weeks.

How the trial works:

We send your contact details to someone who is giving the stool a try. They contact you and send you their trial stool with the spare rocker, on a date that you both agree to. Keep all the packaging.

The rocker is held in place by 6 screws. You will need a Posi drive screwdriver to swap and try the other rocker, and a roll of clear tape, preferably wide, to repack the stool.

If it arrives with the active rocker fitted, and you like it and feel stable you've no need to try the relaxed rocker. If it comes with the relaxed rocker fitted do try the active rocker though - you may like it even more.

When you've tried it for about a week we'll send you contact details for the next person to try it. You arrange a date, book and pay for carriage to them. This should cost under ₤15 and take 10 - 15 mins. You'll need to be online, and a printer is helpful.

If you then decide to order posChair 1 it will be delivered free, and anything you've paid towards carriage will be deducted from the price (except any timed delivery surcharge you've requested).

Most convenient & economical way to book COURIERS

Doing it this way uses fewer courier journeys than returning the stool to us after each trial. It also means you can try it without us having to make deductions for minor wear and tear on brand new stools.

Regrettably because of carriage costs we can't include the Highlands, Islands, or Northern Ireland at the moment.

We're always happy to lend a trial stool to local people, or those visiting Keswick, but do email us first. Please don't drive long distances out of your way, using a courier instead will use much less CO2.

Delivery of trial stool

Being flexible will make this work best, and we're sure you'll help us, so we can avoid having to set exact conditions.

We'll pass your contact details to one customer at a time, until one of them agrees to send you a stool on a day that is ok for you. You then send them your address. If you can give your mobile number some couriers will text you options on the morning of delivery, and an expected time slot.

Delivery times aren't usually guaranteed, and occasionally go wrong, but most couriers will try to deliver several times if necessary.

If it is difficult for you or the sender to be in, can it be collected/delivered from/to work, a neighbour, or a safe place (this last at your risk, in some busier places drivers won't leave it without a signature)?

Also see if one of the 'Drop off & Pick Up points' is convenient for you - COURIERS

Sending the stool onwards after your trial

Arrange a delivery date with the recipient whose details we send you. If you can't agree a date we'll send you up to 2 alternative recipients. Some people will be able to receive it at any time, others are available less often.

Be prepared if requested to book delivery on a specific weekday, preferably with text notification. This normally means a next day service, so book collection from you for the previous weekday (48 hour services can arrive on either of the following 2 days).

It is slow and confusing for everyone if messages have to go through us, so we ask you to arrange this directly with your recipient.

If your recipient wants to pay for a more expensive service e.g. AM or PM, or Saturday delivery, agree the details and extra cost with them and ask them to confirm it with us. We will charge the delivery surcharge to their card, and refund your card with this amount.

Forward your courier's tracking link or number to your recipient and to us. Check the collection times on the discount website and make sure someone is in when they come. If you have to book another collection they will usually charge you again.

If you really can't reach an acceptable arrangement with any of 3 other people then you may send it back to us instead.

(Obviously if we get the chance we'll send you details of someone nearby, to give you the option of delivering it yourself)

The 6 fabric colours on the next page are from Camira's Xtreme range, a top quality 100% recycled polyester crepe weave, woven in Yorkshire. It has an attractive texture and is very long lasting.

Book a Trial

Or, if you'd rather not give your card details yet: Email to request a trial

We'll ask for your details just before a trial stool becomes available. The waiting time may be slightly longer.