Choosing a Courier

If you, either as sender or recipient, find it difficult to be in and don't have an alternative, we recommend you select a courier(s) by the convenience of their 'Drop Off & Pick Up points'. Having chosen one they are usually a lot cheaper to book through a discount courier service - below.

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Drop Off & Pick Up points

These are often a bit cheaper as they are quicker for the driver. Some of the quotes you'll get require you to drop off. If your recipient requests one of these pick up points you can usually select the most economical speed of service, as the delivery timing is less likely to matter.

DPD 'Pick up Shops' a large network

'UPS Access Points' Select 'Locations' and enter the collection or delivery postcode to find the nearest .

Parcelforce: Participating Post Offices (most, except very small ones) - enter the postcode and select 'Parcelforce Express Services'. You can either book online through a discount service, and drop it off here, or they will do the booking for you (but more expensive). To collect from a Post Office the recipient has to pay 1.
Also Parcelforce Depots, open till 7pm

(DHL 'service points' seem not to accept parcels this large.)

Discount Courier Services

The best quotes are usually much cheaper than booking the courier direct. They take the same time, about 10 minutes to book and print a label online.
Usually these go smoothly and it's well worth the saving. Occasionally things go wrong and you have to communicate with the courier through the discount service. Most late deliveries can usually be sorted out by the recipient contacting the courier direct, with the tracking details you give them.
If prices suddenly go up a lot it may be that that service is now specialising in smaller or lighter parcels. Simply get a quote from another service instead.

Click one of the links below and enter weight 18kg and dimensions 49 x 49 x 63cm.
(We've included a 1cm margin in each dimension, it shouldn't affect the price. The stool on its own isn't this heavy! It weighs 8kg).

Updated Feb 2018:
For Parcelforce you don't usually need to print the label yourself, and you can get same day collection if you book by noon. For the other couriers you usually need a printer, and have to book by the day before.

My Parcel Delivery You need to be in 8am to 8pm (or at least until the driver's collected, usually much earlier than this). Offers a next day service with UPS with tracking and text notification, for 10.56 (select the domestic delivery unless it's going to a business. 1 surcharge if you book collection the same day). it also offers several Parcelforce options at higher prices. For Parcelforce it appears to only offer a text confirmation after delivery, which is not very useful for the recipient. You can pay by Paypal if you want. You will need to print the label for UPS. Parcelforce will bring a label if you don't print it, just write the name & address on the box.

Parcel Hero you drop off at a DPD 'Pick up Shop' and they deliver for 10.04. You drop off at an UPS 'Access Point' and they deliver for 13.09. We assume you can specify a collection point too. You don't need a printer for either of these. All other services are expensive.

Parcels Please next day etc. services with Parcelforce from 12.22, you have to register.

P4D Parcelforce 24 (next day) 13.19 and other options. Helpful for showing the nearest pick up point for several different couriers.

Parcel Monkey Parcelforce 24 @ 12.90, etc. it requests recipient's email and phone No. so we assume it includes text notification. We think you need to print the label.

Insurance adds to the carriage cost. If you select the basic free compensation amount if any, and use one of the couriers we mention on this page, we will take the risk of your stool going missing (several don't cover furniture even if you've paid extra). We will require proof of collection if needed (available on most couriers' websites). The recipient takes the risk if they nominate a safe place.

Any feedback you can give will help us give you the best suggestions. There is more courier information at this excellent site, but some of their best buys are only best for lighter or smaller parcels: Money Saving Expert

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